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"A season in hell" is a collection of poems written by the french poet Arthur Rimbaud.

It talks about the inner journey of the poet, his disappointment with the occidental society and its morals, and most of all he describes his disillusion with love.

"A season in hell" is a book about one night in the life of the poet. During this night, he realizes that he does not belong to this world, and that he needs to find a new way of living his life and doing poetry.

This ideal of living a new life, and the means used to realize it (the use of drugs, passionate love, escaping the world) made us immediately think to the motorcycle bikers lifestyle.
This is a book about the revolution, about a new way of seeing the world and the society. That’s the reason why it was very clear to us that we had to mix the book to the biker gangs aesthetics.